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A Cool Old Truck

William Carr's

1954 Chevy 3100

14 December 2001

From Bill:

     I've been poking around The Stovebolt Page for a week or two. I managed to register and thought I should say hello.

       For better or worse, here's my story. About a year ago my wife delivered the third of our children. As the last two are only fourteen months apart, some concerned friends suggested I consider finding myself a new hobby.

       Having relocated from Chicago to Mississippi a few years back, I thought I should chose something that would help me blend in. So, I bought a tractor. Not just a tractor, but a tractor with a front loader. This provided a great hobby, and for awhile it was a very productive one as well.

       However, seeing as I only own 2.5 acres of land, it wasn't long before my playing in the yard slipped out of the realm of the productive and into the realm of destructive. There I was back at square one.

       Lucky for me I don't need to try and explain to you folks, what is attractive about "old trucks." I'm not even sure when or how exactly I became aware of my personal attraction to them.

       About a year ago, I purchased Tom Brownell's, "How to Restore your Chevrolet Pickup." This in itself is not so odd except for the fact that I didn't own a Chevy pickup, and in fact was driving a relatively new Dodge pickup (I suppose the fact that I chose to drive a pickup in Chicago must have been foreshadowing).

       Well, I read the book. I admired that pretty brown '51 on the cover. I might have even fantasized about doing something like that someday.

       I suppose the seed was planted at that point. Somehow, the combination of that little seed and having tilled up most of my yard with the tractor, led me to the point where I began searching for a truck.

       Not one to procrastinate when it comes to whimsy, in the space of about three weeks, during which I scoured the web and visited a few farmers around here, I bought this '54' PU (see attached photo). I wish I had a great tale of finding it under a pile of hay behind the barn, etc. Truth be told: I bought it through the internet.

       I did call upon my cousin, who lives near the truck's old home, to go and check it out. He said it looked pretty good, and I trust his judgment, so what the heck. So, lots of firsts for me: first vehicle I've ever purchased sight unseen over the internet; first vehicle I've ever purchased that was older than me.

       I have to confess, I don't know a thing about working on trucks (except, don't crawl under them when they are only up on the jack). I figure it was prudent to start with a truck that runs pretty well by all accounts. My plan is to take it slow and ask for help when I need it, as often as I need it.

       It is about midnight. The delivery guy said he would have it here by about noon tomorrow. I figured, if anyone would understand what it is that's keeping me up tonight, you guys would.


       Yup. We'd understand all right! Bill's story was a feature as "A Stovebolt Christmas," 14 December 01 ~~ Editor

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