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1937 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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28 August 2006
# 1636

From Debra :

           These are the only photos that I have of the 1937 1/2-ton pickup, 216 cid in one piece. When I had a hard drive failure, I lost all the photos I took from the first day I looked at her, the trailer ride home, and the tons of photos I took for reference of everything after she got her new garage stall. If I had not printed these photos the first day to oogle over, I would not have them either. Always, backup everything to CD because a hard drive will fail when you least expect it.

           I took these and lots more the day I went to look at it (October 2005). It was love at first sight. There was no thinking twice about it! The only sleep lost was not having the tow truck and trailer with me that day and having to wait. The only thing the hubby said when I popped the pics up on the computer was “How early do you want to get up and go get it?”

           It was one of those things that was just meant to be. I wasn’t looking for a truck and found the ad in the paper by pure chance. Couldn’t believe the ad. I almost did not call at all but figured what the heck. If anything, I would get to see an old beat up '37 pickup.

           Luckily, the guy wasn’t there when I arrived and he didn’t get to see the ole knees give way when I laid eyes on her. I was up, over, under and around and around her at least 10 times before the owner showed up. It took all I had to keep my cool and act mildly interested when inside I felt like Christmas, Birthday and New Years all wrapped up in one.

           After some chatting, I walked away feeling like I was stealing it (just a little bit) but that only lasted for about a second. I was and still am psyched about this project. With all the boxes of goodies that came with it, I figure so far I am only missing the left door handle, the T lock knob, the window regulator, possibly the inside door handles and the windshield glass. I already found the grille hole cover and grille emblem through The Filling Station. Oh yea, the bumpers were in the bed of the truck.

           After new plugs, wires, rotor and cap and a dummy tank hooked up to the carb, the engine fired up strong -- no smoke, knocks or rattles.

           I have the truck completely off the frame now. The frame is heading to the frame shop to be looked over to make sure everything is perfect. I have been getting all my manuals and literature together, lurking the forums and internet searching for anything I can find.

           Here are some more pictures in my Photobucket albulm.

Debra C
"wasat again"
Bolter # 11776
Manning, South Carolina

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