Jim Capon's

1949 GMC 100 Pickup Truck

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28 August 2007
# 2034

From Jim :

           Hi all! Here are pics of my 1949 GMC 100. I recently started to work on it after years playing with VW bugs. In this picture of the VW , you've got a great shot of the Bug ... and a little bit of my Model T!

           I had been looking for a decent Bolt for some years now but just couldn't find the right one at a fair price nearby (southern Oregon). On a trip to California, I saw one for sale in a side yard. The widow lady wanted all the money that her hubby had put into it for 10 years. This poor guy was way over his head and I could see that I would have to go over some of the things he had repaired or replaced.

           I gave this lady a fair offer and my phone number with a promise that I would restore the truck the way her husband would have wanted. Months later, I got the call at my price.[Smile]

           It is a black plate California truck and I intend to put that plate on the front of the truck while my Oregon plate will be on the rear. Hopefully CHP will understand when I pass thru CA.

           The truck has the 228 and we got it running after the fuel clean out and carb boil out. No one could figure out what all the hanging wires were about. We were able to test the clutch, brakes and charging system as well as drive it for a distance. We had zero brakes but that was an easy fix. It has been sitting since the old guy passed away about 14 months ago.

           I also have been doing the vinegar de-rust trick from the Tips section and I have it going well. It's a lot cheaper doing that than the powder coating guy. Here's a bit of a shot of the interior.

           It's a great feeling when you get one of these old "ladies" up and running. I'll drive it over to DMV for registration this week. Seeing what many of you guys have done to your Bolts will give me inspiration to go thru with my plans.

Jim Capon
Bolter # 15847
Southern Oregon

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