Jeff Cansler's

1926 Chevy Utility Express Superior 1-Ton

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15 November 2006 Update
# 1496

       Jeff sent us an email to let us know that he has sold this beautiful truck! He's still available if anyone has any questions about it. He said he'll still be hanging out the Virtual Garage ... "your site is GREAT and it's all GM the way it should be!"

       Maybe, we'll hear from the new owners and find out what's next. Thanks for the info, Jeff ~~ Editor

10 April 2006
# 1496

From Jeff:

       This is my 1926 Chevy Utility Express Superior 1-ton truck with 4 cylinder, 3 speed. This truck was bought new in my family. I ended up with it in 1985. I tore it down to the frame. I started in 1985 and finished in 1992.

       This truck has had a complete restoration, motor bored .30 over, rods rebattited, etc., all wood replaced except wood spokes and steering wheel.. The truck was shown from 1992 through 1999. In 1999 it won Best of Show at Charlotte Auto Fair AACA's show. The truck has been on display at two local Chevrolet dealerships the last couple of years -- Jon Boy Chevrolet in Taylorsville, North Caroline and Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet in Newton, North Carolina. (I live in Newton, North Carolina.)

       The truck turned out better than I ever imagined. It looks great and runs great. It has 500+ miles on restoration. It has and can be driven. The truck is museum / showroom quality that is driven to local shows and parades.

Jeff Cansler
Bolter # 10862
Newton, North Carolina

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