Scott Campbell's

1952 and 1967 Chevy 1.5-Tons

"Old Gal"

"Blue Belle"

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04 April 2007
# 1906 and # 1907

From Scott :

old truck at work           Hello. Here are our 1952 and our 1967, both 1.5-tons. My boys named the '52 Old Gal and the '67 Blue Belle. Both boys have learned how to "drive" in our field behind the wheel of the '52. Jack is 4, Charlie 2 1/2.

           I'm the third owner of the '52. It was originally titled in Minnesota. I bought from a guy in Virginia. I bought it to haul timbers for my Timber Frame business. I primarily use her for hauling locally (doesn't like to get past 35 or so).

           The '52 is a 4400 ton and a half with a 216 and a 4 speed transmission. It came with a grain box and about 33,000 miles on it. It spent most of its life in the barn, coming out a few times a year for trips to the grain mill. It has a PTO driven hoist. (Works great!) I've put about 2,500 miles on it. I've rebuilt the carb, replaced the rear main seal, and oil pan gasket. It needs a master cylinder right now, but I still drive it to move timbers around the yard. I've removed the sides of the grain box to make it easier to load timbers. Other than surface rust, the cab is in great shape.

           I plan on a full resto someday (as soon as I finish the house restoration I started or I suspect I'll be sleeping in the barn with "Old Gal"). But for now, it's a great work truck.

           I'll be dismantling a barn next month and plan on using both trucks to haul timbers to my shop/yard.

           The 1967 is a C-40 ton and a half with a 283 and a 4 speed trans. The plate on the truck gives GVW of 16,000 so I wonder if it's a heavy duty 1.5-ton?

           This truck spent all of its life in Maine. The cab is in a patched state (typical of a truck here in Maine) with bondo and riveted rockers. Cab corners are in great shape though. The odometer says 92,683, but the speedo isn't working and never has since I've owned the truck. It most likely has about 100,000 or so.

           I paid $600 for the '67 and the previous owner threw in a dual piston, PTO driven hoist which I'll install when I repair the bed. He also included a boom that attaches to the bed. With a hand winch, I can unload timbers off my trailer and the back of the '52.

           This truck has become my main hauler. The '67 travels down the highway a bit smoother than the '52 and goes 50 or so. Since the truck isn't as good a shape as the '52, I also don't mind the scratches and dents it gets associated with using it. The only thing that kept me from losing it when it tossed a board through the back window of the '52, was remembering how hard I laughed when my Dad did the same thing to his 1970 Chevy when I was a kid.

           I can't believe I'm about to admit this, but I was considering selling the '52 once I bought the '67. My wife is the one who quickly talked me out of that. Love that woman . Both trucks have become part of the family.

Scott Campbell
Bolter # 14371
Brownfield, Maine

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