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Cool Old Truck

Randy Campbell's


Chevrolet 3100

01 July  03  

From Randy      

I bought the truck out of a field for 800.  I am going at things backwards but the power plant, drive line, auto trans, and rearend is new.  The truck is equipped with a 350 v-8 pushing 425 hp. Very strong !!  The rearend of choice was a 9 inch Ford.  The straight axle was left and machined with a new king pin set.  Also the steering has been converted to rack and pinion.  I have bought a steering column (tilt with flames).  I did spend several nights in the doghouse since my motor alone was $3500.  The truck is currently being taken down to the frame for blasting and will be brought back with new body panels to show quality.  The color will be Pearl white.  The inside is to too far away to think about. The wheels will be Cragar SS.  After its all done I just hope the rear will stick with the larger tires because now it feels like a loose pocket rocket when you stomp the gas.  Also a 15 gallon fuel cell will be placed between the cab and axle. (Under wood)

 THANKS and I will keep ya posted with pics and email.

Randy Campbell
#24 Campbell Construction/Thomas Enterprises Chevrolet
"Racing The way it Should be !! "

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