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1953 Chevy 3100 1/2-Ton


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Valentine's Day
14 February 2007
# 1827


From Paula :

           Once upon a time, a young mother with three small children had a dream that she was driving around town in an old pickup truck. While her only view of that old pickup was from behind the steering wheel, when she awoke, she knew not only was the pickup a 1953 Chevy, but that she would some day have that way cool truck for herself.

           Skip ahead about 12 years, the small children are small no longer, and the still young mother happens into a conversation with a gentleman about his 1955 Chevy. During the course of this conversation, the gentleman reveals that he happens to have a 1953 in his garage that he would be willing to part with.

           Now, as it happens, the family was on a hunting trip, they only thought that the goal was to bring home elk for the freezer. It turned out to be a fruitful trip, with one elk to feed the family and a promise of a pickup for the Mom.

           On a snowy day in January, Mom and "The Guys" (Dad and his best friend) set out to bring home the calico colored truck that was later to be dubbed "Up-Chuck" by the 16 year old daughter of a friend. So, over the river, and through the woods, 16 hours and 500 miles (round trip) later, Chuck was parked on a trailer in front of the house.

           The young Mother realized how blessed she is to have such good guys in her life. They will probably always have their ideas about what she should do with her truck, but she will educate herself, with the help of the folks on Stovebolt, and the calico colored truck will become the way cool truck of her dreams.

           The truck's really not in bad condition. The previous owner was close to getting the original engine running. It has one cancerous spot, between the driver door and the fender, about the size of a silver dollar, and a few minor dents.

           As much as I'd like to keep the original engine, the Guys have convinced me to put a 350 in it. I really want to be able to take it for long rides, and I can see where it's not practical to leave the smaller engine in. But, there will be no hot-rodding, no chopping, dropping, wedging, shaving, etc.

Paula Campbell
Bolter # 13727
Rifle, Colorado

           It's winter and bad weather around most of the country, and SilverGirl sent in some great photos of her dream truck in the snow. That first one is so cool, hence it's the same angle of the truck but with all the background. ~~ Editor

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