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Cool Old Truck

John Campbell's


Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

16 March  03  

From John  

Bought this truck about 10 years ago.  It was an abandoned  project out of a Missouri airplane hangar that had found its way to Florida.  It  consisted of a mismatch of rear fenders, aprons and bedsides, not to mention a 50's drive train.  Oh well, the only way to justify this was to convince my wife it was a utility vehicle which could be restored and driven daily.  After 5 years of John Milliman's web site to spur me on, many phone calls to Barry weeks (who god bless him , was able to tell me those dastardly differences between a 39 and a 40), many orders and many returns from Jim Carter  and  various small parts from Bowtie Bits, I had all the external parts to make it look original and make it look good!  

After I completely disassembled it and took each piece to be bead blasted on both sides, primed, painted and clear-coated, I new I couldn't settle for the original drive train and 60mph rough ride. Well, the donor car just appeared one day: a 1980 Chevrolet Monte Carlo with a Buick V6 turbo and 350 turbo transmission.  What a great fit.  Used the wiring harness, foot pedals and steering Column. Turned out that an AMC Pacer front end worked like a charm.  Found a 67 comet rear end (same wheel bolt pattern) and used the Carbon fiber leaf springs from an Astro Van.  Never really planned it that way.  There was just allot of stuff laying around a friends shop.  Do I drive it daily now?  No. It's too nice. Am I still married? Sure!  

John Campbell 

Maitland, FL






Curator "John - looks like a beautiful rig saved from the eternal project status.  Thanks for the picture and write-up!"

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