Charles Callis'

1953 Chevy 3100 1/2-Ton

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09 January 2007
# 1775

From Charles :

          This 1953 Chevy 1/2-ton 3100 belonged to my Dad (now deceased) and he used it in his General Electric Appliance Business in Troy, Tennessee. I did a few things to it including renewing the door logs. I have put Sassafras sideboards on it and routed the Chevy information on them. I topped them with a brass 1 inch rail. It already had a sunbill on it. It has wide, white tires and a sidemount spare.

          It already had lots of chrome on it and I had the bumpers re-chromed. It has a pair of early 1953 tags on the bumpers, 'Tennessee Shaped" -- the Tennessee tags were shaped like the state of Tennessee until the size and shape became standard in about '56 or '57. It also has a tag on it that says "In Tennessee We've Got It Good." Believe it or not that was K Mart's sign in Tennessee until it became illegal for them to use it anymore.

          I could perhaps tell more about the truck and I will if it might be wanted.

          Tom Brownell includes an article in Vintage Truck Magazine on Stovebolt News each month. The article is always interesting. I have known Tom for many years and I subscribed to his "Points and Plugs' long ago until he sold the magazine (lock stock and barrel). Then it became This Old Truck ...... then Classic Truck ........ then Vintage Truck.

Best regards,

Charles Callis
Union City, Tennessee

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