Jorge Calleja's

1959 Chevrolet Apache Fleetside

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21 September 2002

From Jorge

       I would like to post a picture of my second beauty, a red-white Chevrolet Apache 1/2 ton fleetside. After my 1942 Art Deco Chevy pickup, I always wanted to get an Apache Task Force truck. Finally my wish got real!

       I bought this beauty this year in March 2002. I saw this truck in a shop during restoration and I liked it. I asked the shop owner if this truck was for sale and he said "NOPE!" It is from a customer that has nine years with it and finally decided to restore it. And I said, "Well, thanks" and went out of the shop. During the next six months, I saw the progress of the restoration and thought "I hope some day the owner will sell it and I will be there at the proper time."

       One day, eight months later, my little son Edgar (6 years old), asked me "Dad, please come to me after school hours. I want you to see a beautiful truck that goes to the school to pick up a little girl in my classroom." To my surprise that was the truck I liked so much. It was there and works good. My son asked me, "Dad I like this truck so much, can we buy it?" and I told him I will see if we possibly can buy it.

       Four months later, I saw the truck on the road and followed it until we came to a stop signal. I was in my 1942. The owner told me he was selling the truck because he has no room to store the truck. He didn't want to leave it outside his home as he was afraid somebody might hit it.

       I bought the truck from him right away. Now my son's dream and mine are real.

       It is powered by a 235 ci engine with a manual transmission. My son and I ride and enjoy the truck every Sunday.

Jorge Calleja
Bolter # 10752
El Paso, Texas

  Great story Jorge. Sounds like Edgar is one lucky son! ~~ Curator / Jorge added a 1958 GMC 1/2-Ton to the Gallery in April 2006. ~~ Editor

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