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Cool Old Truck

Bobby Callanan's


3800 Flatbed

10 March 03

From Bobby

I bought my 1953 3800 Chevrolet truck from a friend of mine in June of 2001.  It was pretty rough.  It came from Arizona before he had it and was kept in a warehouse before it was sold to me. 

It was fairly solid, but had some rust.  I started the complete restoration in October of 2001 and after a lot of work and money, I have something I'm really proud of. 


As you can see the bed is homemade.  It has a 261 engine.  I was going to put Fenton headers on it, but I ended up just putting a straight pipe with a turn down on the stock manifold and it sounds pretty sweet. 














Every bolt on the truck has been turned by me at least once.  I drive it maybe once every couple of weeks, it turns a lot of heads.  You can see more of my pictures from the restoration at my web site http://www.netcue.com/bobby.


Bobby Callanan

Hillsboro, Missouri

Curator "Bobby, you did a great job on that old truck!  Nice website too!"

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