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Cool Old Truck

Ben Caldwell's


K20 Longbed Stepside

26 December  03  

From Ben

Here’s the story behind my ’61 Chevy…

7 years ago, my dad found this truck sitting in a parking lot with a huge oil slick under it.  He tracked down the owner, and $750 later, we were the proud owners of a 1961 Chevrolet Apache 20, 4x4.  We then began disassembly and over the next 4 years we rebuilt the truck.  

While we didn’t go through the engine, trans, axles, etc., everything got a fresh coat of paint, the frame was powder coated and many seals were replaced.  By my 16th birthday in Feb. 2001 the truck was roadworthy once again.  On its maiden voyage out of the shop, however, the transfer case exploded, so I spent the next month fabricating custom mounts for an NP 205.






Not only was the truck rebuilt, but several custom additions were made as well, such as an air suspension seat out of an International semi truck.  An air system was also created using a PTO and a York air compressor.  The custom bumpers were a result of having a little too much free time with a welder and a few pieces of steel.  The truck served me faithfully as a daily driver until it quit running last spring.  I have a 350 and just need to find the time to do the swap.  This truck is awesome to drive and work on!

Ben Caldwell
Siloam Springs, Arkansas


Curator "Ben - Looks like the perfect college rig - bet you don't have to worry about parking lot dings!"

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