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1950 Chevy 1/2-Ton

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04 April 2005

From Gino: 

      Hello there. I am the proud owner of a 1950 Chevy 1/2-ton. I purchased the truck in March of 1986. Near as I can tell I am the fourth or fifth owner.

      When I bought the truck, it came equipped with a 1954 235ci. motor and a Powerglide. What fun it was to "mash" on the pedal and hear the engine scream.

      This was the first truck that I have ever seen that came with a spare tire lock. The key also matched the ignition, door and glove box!

      In the fall of '86, I stripped her down to the frame and began replacing everything possible. I even changed out the Powerglide with a 4 speed "granny-low." During April of '87 I accepted a job that was 800 miles away from where I was living. I got up early one Saturday and bolted everything I had back into place. The very next day got up and made the 16 hour drive to my new life. Since then the truck has been a constant companion.

      I have moved at least eight more times and traveled another 1000 miles away from the original move. Sadly, (now don't jump to conclusions), the old girl finally decided to give me a bit of trouble. Just last Saturday (3.19.05), she decided that the head gasket needed to be replaced. Finally another project! Until last Saturday, the truck has been totally reliable. I probably should have changed the oil a little more frequently.

      Nevertheless, it is time to finish the frame up restoration. I drove her to a nice resting spot in the back yard and will build a garage around her and begin the restoration in the fall.

      Hope you enjoy the pictures. The "cabin" photo below was taken at Lake Tahoe, California. You can also see my 1936 two door standard parked in the neighbors car port. I no longer have that car though. The kids will get a kick out of seeing the pictures!

Will talk soon,

Salem, Oregon

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