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A Cool Old Truck

Shaughn Butts'

1961 Apache Fleetside

06 November 00 Update

     Most of the sheet metal has been replaced and spray bombed. Mechanically she purrs like a kitten.

     She just needs a ring and pinion to keep her quiet.

     I found an original roll end of 1960 Cadillac upholstery to recover the seat. It is silver metallic cloth that closely resembles the original fabric.

     Great site.



29 August 00

From Shaughn:

     I have owned the truck for just over a year. It was a farm truck for over 30 years and then parked for about eight after the farmer died. I bought in January and drove it four hours home.
     Even in the cold, Canadian winter, it started right up and the heater kept me toasty all the way. The only problem was that it's neutral was gone and it kept popping out of third gear so I had to keep one hand on the shifter.
     I was glad to see another '61 Apache Fleetside on your site. It is the only other one I have found so far.
     I'll send updated photos as they become available.


Shaughn Butts

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