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A Cool Old Truck

Kent Burnett's

1940 3/4-ton Chevy

01 April 01

     Kent's got a web site for his project ... check it out!

18 November 00

From Kent Burnett

     This is my 1940 3/4-ton truck that a friend of mine found for me. I bought the '40 in August 2000 for $200 as long as we took the '65 white long bed stepside next to it with us.

     The '40 had been sitting in a field for who knows how long. It had almost all of the parts but did not run. I am building it up as a hot rod so if anybody needs original parts let me know.

     The '65 was in REAL bad shape, rust that I am sure many of you are familiar with. Unfortunately the '65 was crushed after being stripped of some of the parts. Believe it or not the '40 was real solid. The only "bad" rust was where the front fenders meet the cab and it was all the way through the metal. The rest of the rust was just thick surface rust and has since been mostly sandblasted off.

     The plan!!! Shorten and box the frame to make a 1/2-ton truck, install tubular X-member for added support, Heidts IFS front end with carrera coilovers and power rack and pinion steering, triangulated 4-bar rear suspension with carrera coilovers using a F0** 9" rear end, all disc brakes, HP 350 Chevy, Turbo 350 trans, PS, PB, PW, shaved door handles, custom interior, 1/2-ton bed with power bed cover, smooth running boards, custom stereo and lots lots more but I don't want to ramble anymore than what I already have.

     Wish me luck and thanks for your great advice on the bulletin board. Good luck with your projects!

Keller, TX

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