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1972 Chevrolet C-20 Longbed

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Leonardtown, Maryland


Owned by Kevin Burcham
Dobson, North Carolina
12 July 2010 Update
# 2479

From Kevin :

A few new pics from December 2008. Divorced now but still have the truck.

About only things I did since last update -- had seat upholstered, carpet put in floor, and found chrome hubcaps from a 1-ton truck that fit my 3/4-ton.

I worked out the kinks by driving it a couple times a week. I had to replace some battery cables, starter, water pump.

Last episode I busted the distributor cap and rotor button on a bumpy road. But even with having it towed back to garage, it only cost me $100 total to fix that.

Now I only want to spray a liner in bed and add diamond plate around the top of bed.

I have been driving it about a year now with no major problems or repairs. I drive the old truck at least once a week and some weeks I drive it four or five days to work and back.

My five year old loves riding in it and calls it the "Green" truck. My Dad had a 1969 1/2-ton with the same paint scheme, green with a white top. But his was 3 speed on column. Mine is automatic with power steering. He did get to see it finished just before he passed away in March 2008. Now me and my daughter are making good memories whether we are going to daycare or going to a car show.

This is the only thing other than my bronze baby shoes that is anywhere as old as me (44 years).

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13 December 2008
# 2479

From Kevin :

I have a 1972 Chevrolet C-20 Longbed pickup. I purchased her in 2003 from a couple that had been using her for gardening around their house.

My Dad had owned several of these style trucks. I saw her sitting in front of a 100 year old farmhouse between my home and my Mom's. The body was rough but I could tell once I drove her that she was a workhorse.

A previous owner also converted it from 2-wheel to 4-wheel drive with a newer 4x4 setup. You would never know at first glance that she is a 4x4.

I had all the body work on her done by a good friend of mine, Mike Carter. He had to put patch panels in above the rear wheel wells. It took him about a year (working on it part time) to do body work and paint it.

Also I had to have the gaskets in engine replaced, new dual exhaust and tranny rebuilt.

All my chrome and side panels came from Scott's Antique Auto in Bassett, Virginia.

My to-do list now only consists of redoing the interior and doing a spray in bed liner.

She has a 350 V-8 that was rebuilt just before I bought it. It is an automatic and has power steering also.

We remodeled a house this summer and it was cool to be able to haul 4x8 sheets of plywood and 16 foot molding without having to get a trailer or someone else's truck.

My little girl [ pix ] calls it the "Big Truck." My wife calls it the "Money Pit."

I have only seen one other truck painted up like her but it had the white painted bumpers and hubcaps.

Every time I take her out, I meet someone that says that they used to own a similar truck or how good it looks. It was about a five year ordeal getting her this far, but I think it was worth it.

Kevin Burcham
Dobson, NC
1 hour NW of Winston-Salem, NC


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