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Cool Old Truck

Bullfoot and Gmpony's

1953 Model 630 GMC

15 March 01

From Bullfoot:

     This is a picture of Bullfoot and Gmpony's 1953 Model 630 GMC 3 axle tractor 5 speed brownlipe main box and 4 speed brownlipe aux. trans and Timpken worm drive rears and walking spring suspension. This truck was powered by inline 6 - 71 General Motors Truck Company diesel. This is a real JIMMY. Not a Detroit Diesel.

     This truck is now stripped down in pieces. While we where moving between Arizona and Oregon, some scoundrel hauled the cab to the scrap yard and we found it crushed in to a cube.

     I love this truck, and it is on the back burner for now.


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