Ray Buck's

1964 Chevrolet C-10 Fleetside

"The Ugly Truck"

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18 May 2005

From Ray:

     Hi there. I'd like to update the info on my gallery entry. It's changed just a little bit since I first got it: (and it's changed a bit since this picture). This photo here is of the Ugly Truck on the Bonneville Salt Flats, August 2004.

      I added HEI ignition, Offy intake, Carter 625 AFB carb (which works great), Hedman split hedders and Cherry Bomb glass packs to the otherwise stock 292. It goes pretty good and sounds great.

      There's a picture of "Coop" (a well-known pinstriper doing a Von Dutch flying eyeball on the tailgate) on this page.      


Ray Buck
Bolter # 4084
Taylorsville, Utah

     Be sure to check out Ray's web site. Besides some good information on The Ugly Truck, he's got some other interesting rides. Coolamundo! ~~ Editor

March 2004  

From Ray:

      Hi there. I've attached a few pictures of my newest acquisition, a '64 -10 pickup.  This is how I first saw it, November 20, 2003. I needed a winter beater because I broke the rear end in my '80 El Camino ... and it had a new paint job, anyway.  So I found this truck. 

      Turns out it has a 292 I6 and a granny 4-speed.  I got it pretty cheap so it's a good deal for a beater.  But I'm getting to like it more and more every day.  I really don't like newer cars or trucks, although my wife loves her '95 Blazer.


      I think my truck is gonna end up as a rat rod truck. (How do you like the leopard skin seat covers, eh?) I've written up a couple of pages on my website with some pics and a little narrative of what I've done so far (minor fix ups, fuel gauge, HEI conversion, seat covers, etc.)  Those pages start at http://chevyasylum.com/64c10/64c10_01.html

      Thanks for a great web site and forum. I've learned a whole lot already and I'm enjoying the heck out of it.


Taylorsville, Utah.

      Ray - Looks like a sturdy truck!  Glad to see you are having fun with it! ~~ Curator

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