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Cool Old Truck

Fred Brussee's


1/2-Ton GMC Longbed Pickup

22 May  03  

From Fred      

Our (well, Papa's) GMC longbed.

When my wife's grandfather (Papa) passed away, we inherited the old farm truck on the condition that we restore it (the other granddaughter and her husband had their eye on it too!). Since Cindy (my wife) is co-CEO of our business, started by Papa in 1946 (yes, that's even before the truck was born!), we decided we'd do the truck in his honor, making only a couple minor 'editorial' touches that make it our own! Ultimately it will be a sunny day driver, not a trailer queen, and our company's parade vehicle! (www.ct-innovations.com) 

It ran and drove, but needed everything. Only about 80% complete, but figured it was far enough along for a few 'work in process' photos. 

For you purists out there...yes, it has 51 doors, even though it's a 1950 GMC (a much cheaper way to get the fresh air circulating than buying that aftermarket a/c kit!...just open the cowl vent AND the wing windows, and you're cool on the hottest day! And yes, we changed the color to a 57 GMC green that appealed to us more than the dark green it was originally, or the turquoise that Papa had it painted! But other than those two changes (ok, and the 3.55 rear end conversion....and the whitewalls we're adding....and the trim rings) it's 100% stock! (OK, and the cloth and vinyl bench seat...and the ......) 

Desperately trying to wrap it up, as it costs us by the hour!. Wish I had the time, the talent, and the local expertise assisting me to do more of it ourselves, but life's complicated enough for us right now! We are doing the bed wood, all the chrome trim and final reassembly, lest you all think we are undeserving of the finished product! 

Enjoy! Will send the 'completed' pics when avaialable. 

Fred & Cindy Brussee (FredB on the Forum!) 

Curator "Fred - Looks like you are making good progress.  Thanks for the submission!"

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