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Cool Old Truck

Brian Bruinsma's


Chevrolet K10

11 October  03  

From Brian

Hello I just found your site and it is great I became a member, it has already helped me out.

I just thought I would share a pic. of my new bank. It is a 1961 Chevy 1/2 ton apache 10 4x4. I am Brian Bruinsma I live in South Dakota. About a year or two ago I started to look for a 4x4 to rebuild when I was about to quit looking for a year or two to put more money away for it I came across a farm auction that had one on it. I took the day off from work 
to go look at it. When I first seen it I know it had to be mine. I hung out for several hours just waiting and finally the time came to auction off the pickup truck. I was unsure how it was going to turn out because there were a few other people looking at it and it looked like they had more to spend at the time. As it turned out I was one of only three people to bid on it and I got it for allot cheaper than I expected not much of a story but that's how it started. 

curator - "Brian, that is a great story!  Thanks for taking the time to send it and a picture of your truck to the Stovebolt Page!"

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