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A Cool Old Truck

Gregg Bruff's

1946 Chevy 2-Ton

 05 July 2001

From Gregg

     I finally got an old truck! The 1946 2-ton (former stake bed) dump truck is in pretty good condition. Current work includes lights, wiring, and brakes so I can drive it around town. The wheelbase is 134.5, but looks like it has been "cut down" and shortened from a longer version - maybe a 160?

     I plan to convert the dump back to a stake bed for hauling horse hay (but will keep the dump bed because it is so cool). The dump bed is a "Wood" build from Detroit.

     The truck has a production number of 3 PW K 9726, which if I am correct, was a St. Louis build in November of '46. It would have been built from May 1 of '46 to May 31 of '47. The original color was Brewster Green of course, but that's covered up with another green at present. It has a 235 engine with only 77,000 original miles on the odometer. An old bill of sale from 1955 found in the glove box tells me it was sold for $175.00 then!

     I plan to repaint it with original colors and spruce it up, but will work on it mostly for the joy of driving it once in a while. Should look good in next year's 4th of July parade! Thanks for listing this long term project for others to see.

     My wife is a truck widow now, so I have to be careful when I work on it. Always a project going on.


Gregg Bruff
Michigan's Upper Peninsula

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