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A Cool Old Truck

Jerry Broullire's

1942 Chevy Dump Truck

13 March 04

From Jerry


    I bought my truck 10 years ago from a fella who had snowplowed his camp road for years, chains on all six tires, no quarter given. When I looked into the history a bit, I found that the truck had been driven by one of my uncles in the 1950s hauling coal for a local supplier. Small world! I have been using it ever since to plow snow and haul gravel on my land.



I know its a Chev but not sure of the year. I was told its a 1942. I can still see military markings in places.

    I'd like to do a 50-ft restore on it.



PS / March 20: I was able to find out that my truck was built in Baltimore, MD, October of 1941. It started life as a 1.5-Ton Cargo less winch military. Some where over the past 63 years the dump was added. How it ended up in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I would love to know but most likely never will. I wonder if my 2001 Dodge 1-Ton will be still working in 2064 !!!.


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