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A Cool Old Truck

Bob Brink's

1946 1/2-Ton Pickup

From: Bob,

     Hi. I just ran across your truck site and thought I would send you a picture of my '46 1/2-ton. It was in sorta rough shape when I drug it out from under a barn shelter.

    I tried to use as many parts as I had laying around, to keep the cost down, so this truck ended up with a 383 Chrysler motor, trans. and rear axle. It still has the stock front axle with disc brakes adapted to the stock spindles. I used a '55 1/2-ton bed since the sides were higher and seemed to match the lines of the cab better than the stock beds did.

    The truck has been used for a "truck" since I built it about 12 years ago. It has pulled a race car to the track every weekend during racing season, for the last six years and has logged around 60,000 miles since built. The fenders are fiberglass but the rest of it is steel. The windshield still cranks out and still has the vacuum wiper motor. I used a T-bird gas tank mounted behind the rear axle since sitting on top of a gas tank and smoking didn't seem to be the safe way to travel.

    Thanks and think your site is great.

Bob Brink

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