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1960 1/2-Ton GMC Pickup

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Leonardtown, Maryland



Owned by Mark Brazelton
Bolter # 19573
Washington State

Talking about this truck
in the DITY Gallery

08 November 2010 Update

From Mark :

Since my last update in January 2009, a lot has changed. I left the work force so my truck retired as well. It remains my daily driver, but now stays pretty close to home.

The old truck badly needed a repaint, but with a greatly diminished hobby budget, I didn’t have the money or enthusiasm to strip all the lacquer off for a two-part urethane finish. To simplify, I sprayed it with John Deere Blitz Black enamel. I’m very pleased with the results, and have received more positive feedback with the new paint than all the years with the shiny finish. It’s also enjoyable not having to worry about every little chip or scratch.

Here’s a shot after paint, but before the bed rails. Here is a picture after the bed rails were installed

Inside, I upholstered the firewall in diamond tufting to match the door panels and the area behind the seats, added SoCal “Shoebox” dash knobs which replicate the old 1949 Ford chrome ball knobs.

The gearshift knob was switched out to a blue metal flake version, the tachometer head was updated to one of the new Sun FZ88 replicas. The wrinkle finish was removed from the glove box door, and shot in lacquer with the addition of vintage speed decals.

On the outside, the Gaylord bed cover was removed and vintage style bed rails added. They come in handy for dump runs and hauling cargo, while adding a sense of style.

Here’s a shot sporting rally wheels and snow tires for the winter months. Here is a photo showing the recent addition of dual spotlights. In the image on the page, the wheels are painted black.

This just gets better every time we hear from you! Looks great. ~ J. Lucas, Stovebolt Curator

Happy Australia Day
26 January 2009 Update


From Mark :

It's been about five years since I posted last.  Since then, we've moved to another state and made many modifications to our truck. 

The truck now has a Super T10 4 speed, 4.10 Dana 44, American TTO rims - 15x5 front and 15x7 rear, diamond tufted interior panels, custom instrument panel, aircraft clock, 14 1/2" Covico steering wheel, Cal Custom gas pedal, and chrome emergency brake. 

Pictures: engine / interior / gauges / side view

It's in need of a repaint and other detailing.  It's now retired and will get a bigger cam, etc. when the new engine goes in.  I'm reconfiguring the 350 to look like a 327.  The right hand valve cover has a hidden vent connection at the rear for the pcv valve.  The front oil fill tube comes next.


01 July  2003

From Mark :

This is our 1960 GMC Pickup truck. We are the third owners.  

This first picwas how it looked when purchased in the early 90's. Next picture is a shot after it relocated to Idaho and suffered a couple of seasons without a garage. 

Here is how it looks today -- front view / side view / dash. It now has a 1978 front suspension, front discs, and mid-1980's 5 lug rear drums. A custom Rock Valley tank resides under the bed, which has a Gaylord cover. 

Thanks for the great site. I haven’t seen another with such a great layout and so easy to navigate. 

Mark and Ruthann Brazelton

Thank you for sending in pictures on your truck!  Looks great! ~ Curator


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