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A Cool Old Truck

Aree Bray's

1952 Chevy 3100 w/Boyertown Body

12 April 2003

From: Aree,

     In 1988 when I was 18 years old, my Dad found this van for me in someones yard. I beleive it had been used by a plumber. We pulled it home and got to work on it. Once we had it running and registered, and after a few cautious trips around upstate New York, I drove from New York to Chicago and then down to Atlanta with a lot of stops on the way. That trip was repeated after that, as well as a handful of trips from New York to Louisville, KY.

     About 1993 it showed signs of throwing a rod, so I parked it in the yard ...... for 10 years! After staring at me for all that time, I finally got back to work on my friend and put a 1954 235 engine under the hood and got it back on the road. It is the definition of a "work in progress." It is my family's only vehicle, (with my lovely wife's blessing) the justification being: if it breaks I can fix it. That resolve has been tested weekly!!

     That is a major summary. There are alot of great stories around all of those brief facts. I am quite glad to have found this great site and look forward to spending a lot of time here!



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