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A Cool Old Truck

John Branch's

1946 1-Ton Chevy

08 December 2001

From John:

A dandy 1946 1-ton bought from original owner who was a bricklayer in St Louis MO. He used the truck everyday until 1972. In that year he bought a new truck and backed this one into his shed. There he jacked it up, took off the wheels, and placed it on blocks.

I bought it the same day he put it up for sale. He periodically turned the engine over to keep it from seizing.

I am anxious to get this jewel back on the road to say the least. Hopefully, I will do a complete restore to its original condition. I get goose bumps just sitting in the drivers seat thinking of getting this baby rolling again!

This truck is a restorers dream come true! I can't wait till this baby is rolling with me behind the wheel!!!

John Branch
St Louis, MO

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