Jeff Bradshaw's

1955 GMC 450 Dump Truck

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03 January 2007
# 1768

From Jeff :

           Hi Guys! This WAS my 1955 GMC 450 dump. Got it at an auction as one of the ugliest trucks ever to grace southern Oregon. It had seven layers of County Yellow and three layers of flat black on the hood.

           The maiden voyage was scary and it never saw a speed beyond 35. The smoke cleared after 10 miles or so, and it stopped shaking after I tightened up the steering gearbox. The front brake hose blew. Fortunately, that happened while in my driveway.

           A couple of days work from front to back and it was ready for work. I prepped the body with a screwdriver, scraper and a 4-inch grinder, and went about blowing 10 rattle-cans of Teal Green on it and accenting it with 4 cans of Almond. I blacked out the radiator and frame and emptied all the primer I had onto the bed.

           The old 302 SCO engine did and excellent job of hauling everything around. (In case youíve never heard of an SCO engine, that stands for Self-Changing Oil). Like anything else, I just canít send it to the crusher until itís good and picked over. China will never get one ounce of my metal while it can still be used!

           I recently sent out an email to some Bolters about my recent doings with the Dump. “NEVER trust the park brake.” One picture just doesn’t capture the moment, knowuddamean?

           Sequence of events:

Jeff Bradshaw
Bolter # 12914
Southern Oregon

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