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A Cool Old Truck

Michael Bower's

1970 Chevy C-10 Stepside

04 June 2004

From Michael

     This is my 1970 long bed stepside. It has been restored frame-up. It has the original 250 and 3-on -the-tree, with 37,000 ORIGINAL miles!

    I bought it sitting in an old man's back yard. Worked on the engine a couple days to bring it back to life, and the journey began!

     It has had all lines, brakes, rubber, glass, you name it, replaced to stock specs. The only part of this truck not welded (no bondo) was the fiberglass rear fenders. Has new oak bed floor, Chevy corvette rallyes with derby caps, original AM radio (updated system hidden in glove box)

    This truck is as shiny underneath as it is outside!

Michael Bower

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