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Cool Old Truck

Wes Bouska's

1948 GMC Flatbed

22 February 01

From Marvin

     Attached are some photos of my son's '48 GMC flatbed. It was given to my father-in-law, Roy Wade of rural DeSmet, SD a number of years ago. It sat for years in the SD sun, wind, rain, hail and snow.

     When my son was nearing driving age, Roy pulled it out of the pasture and began working on it. We almost wrecked it towing it home with no brakes, careening down pasture hillsides.

     The original motor was shot. A friend gave him a '66 Impala that had burned up, and he scavenged a powerglide transmission and the rear end from that vehicle. Roy rebuilt a 283 and assembled the beast, after completing all mechanical fabrication and bodywork himself.

     He drove it to our home in Spearfish, SD and dropped it off. It is driven daily by my son, Wes Bouska, to school and used for hauling tasks in his odd-job business and hunting trips.

     Roy is a living example of the ingenuity and resourcefulness of the true American family farmer.

     I may send some pictures later of the numerous (Nash, Chevrolet, Ford) cars and trucks from the '40's and '50's that reside in Roy's trees.

     Great site.

Thanks a lot,
Marvin Bouska

p.s. Nice job on Wes's '48. My father-in-law (the farmer who built that truck) also restored a '50? Chevy pickup for his daughter (Wes' aunt) about 10-15 years ago. She is driving it around yet - I will encourage her to submit her story and pics. This guy is great - he does all cutting, welding, mechanics and paint - the full monty - on his own, while still managing to feed cows and pick corn with the help of his wife. He is past 70 now and is resurrecting a '46? doodlebug for my wife, and a '51 Nash Ambassador to park next to the '39 Lafayette he pulled out of some trees and restored. Love your site - have passed the address on to a few friends with old GM iron this week. Thanks Again.

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