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1960 Chevy Apache 1/2-Ton Stepside

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Leonardtown, Maryland


  Owned by Jeff Botts
"Iron Clad"
Bolter # 13344
Boring, Oregon

29 January 2007
# 1793

From Jeff :

           Hello. This is my 1960 Chevy Apache 1/2-ton Stepside. It's mostly stock with a 235 straight six "Thriftmaster." In years to come, I plan to repaint it to the original colors and put in a stock seat. Otherwise this truck is stock and runs like new. The body is in great shape with no rust or dents. The engine has been rebuilt and painted and the interior is excellent. It's was a great find!

           One day while my son and I were traveling, a person in an old '60's Chevy passed us by. The truck wasn't restored, a little beat-up, and badly needed paint. My heart started racing and I said to my son "Someday, I'm going to buy an old truck like that." I explained to him about how many old trucks I have had in the past when I was younger and missed them. He probably thought I was crazy. I'm sure my wife was thinking that when I told her the same thing. Well, three or four months later, I found my '60 for sale and talked my wife into letting me buy it. The truck isn't exactly beat-up but it's less work for me.

           Here are some pictures of the engine and interior. Note the later model air cleaner. That is about to be changed back to an original oil bath. Also note the modern spin on oil filter. I'm undecided about changing that back to the original style canister type oil cleaner. I have one sitting in the shop.

           Last summer, my wife and I had driven more than a few Sunday drives and now she loves the truck as much as I do.

           Some people say that the '60 and '61 Chevy hoods are ugly. Not me -- I love them! How many Chevy's out there have the original '60 or '61 hood anyway? A lot of people swap them for '62 or newer.

           Anyway, I have five vehicles at home currently. I have owned more than 50 vehicles so far in my life. Two of my vehicles at home are brand new. STILL, the 1960 Chevy is my favorite and I will NEVER sell it.

           I'm very interested in the truck show this August 2007. You may find this interesting but I belong to Antique Powerland and work in the blacksmith shop. You can find me there every year during the last weekend in July and first weekend of August for the Steamup, working in the blacksmith shop. I haven't gone to the truck show yet (The Pacific Northwest Truck Museum Truck Show) because of other blacksmith commitments usually at the same time. Hopefully, this year I will drive my 1960 Chevy Apache to the show. I have been asked to work in the shop at the same time as the show, so I may this year.

           I do work at Antique Powerland in the blacksmith shop at special events. The blacksmith shop is located right close to the truck museum. Also, I'm a professional blacksmith working in my own shop at home ( Iron Clad Forge ). I live about 1.5 hours from Powerland here in Oregon.


Jeff Botts
"Iron Clad"

Jeff has a few trucks in the Stovebolt Gallery: a 1960 Chevy Apache 1/2-Ton Stepside, a 1965 Chevy Half-Ton Suburban; and recently added in 2012 a 1966 Chevy C60 2-Ton Big Bolt named "Brutus." ~ Editor


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