Mike Boteler's

1956 Chevy 8400 Tow Truck


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10 January 2007 Update

From: Mike :

        Actually, we were just adding a 1977 Kenworth to the Alternative Gallery for Mike, when he sent us this follow-up message. Thought you'd enjoy the picture ~~ Editor

        I took the Fire Truck out on New Years Day and got about two miles from home when the fuel pump failed.  Good thing I own a tow truck!

Mike Boteler
"Mike B"
Bolter # 4283
Hughesville, Maryland

Mike has some good Task Force identification information on his web site, Mike's Garage.

04 April 2004

From: Mike,

        Here is a picture of the tow truck which is a '56 Chevrolet 8400 with a Holmes 525 Twin Boom 24,000# Wrecker Body, 350 V8, 4 speed trans and a 2 speed rear.

        Here's another picture of it towing my 1956 6400 tow truck. The original owner gave this truck the nickname "Maude." All my trucks were nick named by the original owners. 

Mike Boteler

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