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A Cool Old Truck

Harry Bonne's

1940 GMC 1/2-Ton

17 September 04

From Harry:

          Hallo editor. What a great site you have. I'm harry and I live in Holland. I was waiting for a long time to be one of the new guys and finaly I am! (I think)

          Your site inspired me to do some shopping in Amerika and you have to beleve me that it is not easy to live in Holland and buy in Amerika.

          It all started whith a '37 1/2-ton Chevy about a year ago and ended with a 1940 GMC and a 1940 Chevy a couple of month's ago. In between, I wired lots of dollars for cars / transport / straps / beer and sent 100's of e-mails up and down. I finally received three pickup trucks and a lot of work because, in Holland, all three trucks are so-called project cars. I am planning in giving them a second life in Holland and restore them bottom up. So for the next cople of years my ''free time'' is over!

          I hope you will give me a spot on youre site because I can use lots of tips and suggestions from other Stovebolt owners. Tips and suggestions can be mailled to me at the email address above.

          Oh man, I can't wait to get to work and drive an awesome looking Stovebolt pickup.

          I'm starting whith the '37 and I think there are not more than a handfull late '30's pickups in Holland.

          And please let me be ''one of the new guys. '' It means a lot to me. I'll send the Stovebolt Pages regular updates -- afterall, you folks are the one's who inspired me to invest an arm and a leg getting three awesome ''stovebolts'' to Holland.

          I'll send you some pictures. They were all taken in Amerika and are, for the moment, the only pictures I have.

My best regards,
Harry Bonne
I live on the Island Texel on the top of Holland. We are world famous because of our sheep. They export Texel sheep all over the world.

          Wow - such enthusiasm!! You ARE "one of the guys" just by having a Stovebolt -- and you've got THREE! Good on ya and welcome to the site! ~~ Editor

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