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Cool Old Truck

Bill Bodell's

1938 1/2-Ton Pickup

From: Bill,

   Here at long last is a picture of my son's 1938 HC. For many years it sat outside a restaurant in Southwest Wyoming. It was purchased by a local man who let it sit in his mother's garage for a year. She wanted the space back so he sold it to my son. As you can see, it's a solid truck for its age. My son is now in the process of chasing parts to restore it.

   It has a 216 in it, but not a truck engine as the prefix on this one is EBA. It has the heavy duty 4-speed transmission. The front fenders are fiberglass, the front bumper is off who-knows-what and the rear bumper is correct.

   We towed it to my house, rebuilt the brakes, put a fresh battery in it and he drove it to his house. We'll keep you posted as to his progress. If anyone has any suggestions or help, you can contact me and I'll pass them on to Erik.

June update:  Erik has removed the old, tired 219 and is cleaning up a '56 235 to install in it's place.  Except for the motor he is trying to keep it as original as possible.  His goal for this year is to get the powertrain in and running and then take it to a bodyshop this fall and let them do the necessary bodywork.
    I guess it's nice that there are a few perfectionist left in the world.  That way we get a chance to see what they looked like originally.  My son would probably go that route if he had the money.  I march to a different drummer:  I'd modernize the suspension and drop a small block in it if it were mine.

                                                                Regards, Bill

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