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Leonardtown, Maryland


1952 Chevy Shortbed

Owned by

Tim Bloom
"SW Radial"
Bolter # 10442


25 February 2008 Update
# 1483

From Tim :

        Hiya gang. Here's another update for the Gallery page.

       Got the doors 100% done an ready to install. Boy the wing window rebuild is something that takes patience ! The body man is SLLOOOOWWWW ...but doing very nice work on the old iron. We did some re-work on the Caddy power windows [ pix ] and pretty much if it was removable, we replaced it. The weather stripping was also a learning event but we think we got it as it should be.

       When I drove home from the painter, boy did I get some stares and smiles with just a cab and nothing else (no doors, fenders, hood, bed, etc.) going down the road ! Was fun!!! Here's a nice shot of the doors!

       Hope to be on the road for my Son's senior prom come April .

       More pictures on Photobucket!

Take care ALL !


11 May 2007 Update
# 1483

From Tim :

       Hiya everyone!

       I spent a long weekend in the shop back in April and the undercarriage is DONE! [ pix ]

       I picked up a set of Monroe air shocks and a polished aluminum differential cover from Summitt. I've done lots more scrapin', cleanin', and paintin'. With a little ingenuity thrown in, it looks pretty good, I think.

       My local FLAPS only sells 3/16 brake line made up in 10 inch graduations. A 30" was perfect for the driver's side but too short for the passenger's. So I had to go with a 40" and had to S bend it for now. My brother is in business now and is getting a flaring tool soon. So then I will be able to do it the right way. I did not want to use compression fittings if i didn't have to.

       Hopefully she will be makin' noise this upcoming weekend after I temporarily mount the fuel cell on the frame rails. Eventually, after paint is done, I will have a 16 gallon fuel cell mounted in the bed. My truck won't used for haulin' -- I have a full size truck for that. But she will be set-up for towing. I can't wait to see my bass boat on the back of the Old Gal! The gents in my bass fishing club will be jealous! ... hehehehe


16 April 2007 Update
# 1483

From Tim :

       Well, I'm back to work an recoupin' well. I've been in the shop lately with help from my Son / Brother / friends. We got the motor and transmission back in [ pix ] and hanging exhaust work. The ol' gal is starting to look like a truck again.

       I'm not much of a writer ... ... just like to wrench on stuff ... and I LOVE this project. It's addicting! Would help to have a supporting spouse ... better yet, BE SINGLE ! Always add 300% to whatever ya think ya were gonna do or spend. It's great if ya have kids. THEY LOVE TO HELP! If it wasn't for my boys ... yikes! The grunt work ... on your back on the creeper ... well, it wouldn't be done. I thank my son Justin for being the UNDER SIDE guy! He busted his hump in the dirty nasty parts and made it all look nice! He really came through, especially when I was sick. He didn't hesitate to get under there and scrape and spray and come out looking like a coal miner! And then askin' "What's next?" I LOVE HIM!

       We are looking forward to getting her back together. We did find a nice surprise. I had been tinkering. Took the radiator to the car wash for a cleaning. It was all flat black with some cheapo paint. I figured I could blow some of the worst off with the high pressure washer. I saw a glint of GOLD. I got it home and started to strip the paint, and found that the top and bottom tank are brass or copper. Been working on them for a weekend now (and up too 400 grit) and they are starting to shine. My Uncle had the radiator custom made. They took an old radiator and re-manufactured the upper an lower tanks to fit the new core. That will be an eye catcher when the hood opens.

       Thanks to all and keep up the super work.

Tim Bloom

10 January 2007 Update
# 1483

From Tim :

       Well, here are some updated photos of my progress. I got a really nice Lokar shifter [ pix ] from the love of my life for Christmas. I've been at the firewall and front suspension gettin' it ready to get the motor and tranny back in [ pix ] . I have to wait for a few days for my Aunt to get back to Texas and send me all the paper work on the front suspension. I know it is a narrowed early '70s truck, but the spindles are not.

       I am hopin' to get the motor and tranny in this upcoming weekend. I will have more to add then.

       I want to replace the rotors. They are Chevy, but I am thinkin' early S-10. My Uncle says it's all in the records. So he is having them sent to me so I'll know for sure.

       Hope ya had a GREAT HOLIDAY SEASON ! Keep up the great work !

Thanks !

Tim Bloom


14 August 2006 Update
# 1483

From Tim :

       Hello all. Well after a good steam cleaning of the chassis, I decided the motor and trans had to come out so I can get to the front suspension the right way. [ pix ] Well one thing led to another and you all know how this plays out!

       From what my Uncle showed me in the receipts, the motor and trans were bought brand new in a crate and have approximately 30,000 miles on 'em. So after a teardown for an inspection, I found that basically all they needed were fresh gaskets and such. Well then when ya paint one part, ya gotta paint 'EM ALL ! Hence the trap was sprung!

       So after looking an schemin', I went off the deep end purchased a sand blast cabinet for in the garage. And I got an engine crane and went to work. So out came the catalog's and eBay ... and after a good chunk of my budget was spent, I will have to do some sweet talkin' now to the wife as a part of the "paint budget" went into the motor and trans. But she understands -- I hope!

       So at this point, the motor and trans are done -- thanks to eBay, Summitt Racing and the Eastwood company. I found the valve covers on eBay -- they fit the style perfect! I replaced every bolt on the motor and trans so far with stainless steel. Got a new pan for motor and trans.

       Next step is to paint the frame and suspension and do some serious cosmetic work on the firewall.

Everyone take care !

Tim Bloom

24 April 2006 Update
# 1483

From Tim:

       Just dropping' you an update!

       Disassembly has begun [ pix ] and so far I am pleased! For being 54 years young, the frame is excellent!

       I'm sending out the inner fenders and many other parts for powdercoat. She is still drivable!

       There is a big rig garage about 400 yards from my place where a couple of guys do washing and cleaning on the weekends. They are going to steam clean her for me. After I get her a good bath, the paint prep will start!

Everyone take care,

Tim Bloom

27 March 2006

From Tim:

       Hello. Well to get started on this purchase .. let's see ... I have a Uncle that came upon health and money problems and needed a new home for his truck of over 30 years of effort. So, being the good boy I am, and after some SWEET TALKIN' to the wife ... whalla here comes a 1952 Chevy Shortbed. [ pix from the front ]

       The straight axle was long gone and replaced with independent front suspension. It has 10 bolt Chevy rear with posi, 350 motor and auto trans. And a lot of other stuff that is super cool and fun!

       I just got her her to Pennsylvania and into the shop for a good go over. [ view from driver's side ] Those 30 years of Texas sun has the paint dead. And that is first on the list. Will be replacing rear fenders and putting the trim back on the hood, etc.

       Could go on forever on what is going to be done ...

Tim Bloom



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