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A Cool Old Truck

Phil Blanchard's

1939 Chevy Semi
1951 Mack LTL

1 November 00

From Phil Blanchard

     Look, a "two-fer."

     This is my 1939 Chevy semi. It has a 327 and toploader 4 speed, power windows and cowl flap.

     The big one is a 1951 Mack LTL. You can never have too many trucks.

     Of interest, the front brakes on the '39 are disc. If you remove the drum hub assembly, check the bolt circle holding the drum on. If it is 6-boltsX 5.5 inch circle, get a set of Jeep Cherokee rotors only and the calipers with stamped steel brackets. The rotors will bolt on using the drum hardware (drive studs out then press apart). Next make a "C" type bracket to bolt to the spindle. Take the stamped caliper holder and cut off enough material so you can weld the stamped portion to the C bracket.When you test fit the caliper, be sure to have the pads installed. Any auto should have the adapter from the rubber hose to your steel line.

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