Don Blake's

1966 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton Pickup

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06 March 2006
# 1460

From Donny:

         I'm a self-employed, 59 year old display builder for non-profit organizations. I live in the mountains near Goldendale, Washington with my dog Zip and my Harley, also Zip (I know that sounds a little weird, but at my age - believe me, it's easier.

         After seeing this truck sitting in a driveway and not being driven for several years, I decided to ask the magical question.Yes! It was for sale (no sign or any other indicators) and in fact the owner had only just decided to sell it in favor of another project. It's a '66, restored and built in about 1996, with power steering, recent 350/350.

         As you can see, I live in the woods on a gravel road that gets pretty wash boarded. Not a rattle, squeak, or complaint from this ride. It cruises the back roads as quiet as any new SUV -- .a tribute to the restorer, who must have used some pretty high quality rubber components. The biggest challenge is keeping it ON the ground.

         Ram's horn manifolds, Edelbrock intake, carb and filter guzzle it along at about 12 mpg with the 3.73 rear end. Only a couple of problems to wring out -- minor electrical and replacing the 3.73's with more fuel conservative 3.08's.

         I appreciate the access to and expertise and information from all of those on the Stovebolt site!


Don Blake
"Doctor Dogg "
Bolter # 9756
E Washington

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