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1950 Chevy 3100 3-Window

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Leonardtown, Maryland




Owned by Robin Black
"Robin B."
Bolter # 16942
Oxford, North Carolina

12 May 2008 Update
# 2167

From Robin :


           Hi all! I'm just getting around to sending in some new pictures. My son [ pix ] and I have really be working on the truck when we had nothing to do around the house. The weather has been good to us this winter and we got a lot done. [ pix of rear ]

           We still did not make the first car show here locally. It was May 3, 2008 and we got the truck finished May 8, 2008. So close but yet so far away!

           I think my wife is starting to come around. Our son talked her into going for a ride [ pix ] in it while we were testing her out a couple of weeks before we finished it up. See her in the window and he is diving.

           I sent a e-mail to a couple of my friends to see the ( finally done pictures ) and she went in and forwarded them to all her friends to see them. [ View from the hood ] I think she is really proud but just won't admit it to me. You know how wife's can be sometimes.

           As for me, I think I'm in too bad of shape to do this again -- way over weight and needing both knees replaced. It's just too hard on an old man. My 18 year old now says he has a lot more respect for the people at the car show with their signs that say "LOOK BUT DON'T TOUCH" and he now understands why they want so much money when they sell them.

           My Son was really a great help and did a lot of work. I hope he learned a few things. My 29 year old Son got to come help some when he could get over here -- away from the family and house and yard work (they just bought a house first of summer 2007 and you know how much time that can take up!). I could never had done this without their help!!!

           Well here are a couple of finished shots hope you like them. We think it came out great! It was trying to rain when we took these.

           Thanks for this great site to look and learn about old Stovebolts.

Thanks again,



01 January 2008
# 2167


From Robin :

           This is my 1950 3100 three window Chevy truck. I got this truck from my Uncle in Florida after he started the job of restoring it and did not want to finish. He had restored it about 12 years ago and was starting to do it again because in had gotten a few dings and dents from being his daily driver. He had only managed to get it apart and then stopped working on it.

           I liked the truck when he had it all fixed up so I got it and brought it up here to North Carolina. My Uncle had the truck all stripped down to nothing and I got a great big jig saw puzzle to fix, paint and put together. I got new wood and all the bed parts are painted and ready to go. The cab is done and back together painted and ready to go.

           I have an idea on how to put it back together. I need to know if there are any good idea's on making this easy -- with me not knowing just how it came apart. What is the best assembly book to get that gives good pictures and instructions? I have one book but it is very little help. It is really just a pamphlet about four pages long. I have looked on several web pages but just not sure which one would be the best book to get.

           I hope to make a show truck out of it again. It now has a powerful 1957 261 engine in her. Eventually the plan is for it to be dark green with black fenders and running boards. [ starting to paint ~ after first coat ]

           And yes I'm in the dog house over it big time!!!!! If anyone says anything about it to my wife she tells them in a minute "I DON'T HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT OLD TRUCK OUT THERE."

           I hope my sons and I can get it ready to show by spring of 2008.



           ~ I am sure she may be upset now… but wait until you get her driving around in it!  Can’t wait to see the finished pics and keep us updated! – Gallery Gal


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