Jeff Bison's

1938 Chevy 1.5-Ton Dump Truck

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26 September 2005

From Jeff: 

        This is my next project.  It's a 1938 1.5-ton Chevy dump truck. It's a very restoreable truck.

        I bought in Western Massachusetts. Not only is the cab and fenders in pretty good shape, so is the dump body. I can't wait to get out there make a bunch of mice homeless. :) 

        This truck has 59,600 original miles on it and the inspection sticker in the window is from 1947. The rear end is apart and looks like its been apart for a long time so I'm guessing that's how it was retired.

        It has the original 216 motor and tranny and 6-volt wiring.

        I started work a few years ago on a 1937 Chevy long wheelbase lumber truck that came off of Staton Island but I was always keeping my eyes open for a dump truck. I've dismantled a few cut downs and have one more parts truck in my side yard ... just in case. I had to sell my Triumph Tiger project to make room for this which made my wife very very happy


        You guys have a great site 


Jeff Bison
Bolter #8792
Medway, Massachusetts

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