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1964 GMC 1/2-Ton Fenderside Truck

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13 April 2007
# 1921

From Bev :

          Here are some pics of my 1964 GMC 1/2-ton Fender Side Truck.  It has a 230 inline 6 Chevy engine. 

          We came by this truck while actually looking at an early 1970s model truck at a car lot.  I mentioned to the owner that this truck was out of our range, but if he ever found an older truck that needed work at a good price, we would be interested.  He informed me he had this 1964 GMC truck in his barn at home. He asked if would we like to take a look at it?  It turned out to be a great truck style, from the South (hardly any rust) and in quite good shape for restoring.  We purchased it on the spot. Since it wasn't running (and not completely put together), we towed it home on a trailer. We weren’t thinking a total restoration, we just wanted it to look and run decent for us.  I like old trucks and I figured this truck should easily tow our 13' vintage 1963 Shasta trailer with a weight of 1400 (minus water). 

          Since we really didn't have much knowledge concerning GMC trucks in general, I joined Jolly's 60-66 GMC group.  This great group proved to have a wealth of information and help for us throughout our project.  And, of course, here at the Stovebolt!!

          Starting out, we lifted the bed of the truck and primed and painted the entire undercarriage.  Most body work was done... and there was much more work to be done then we had originally anticipated. (Isn't that true of just about anything. )

          I bought my paint at Tractor Supply. With the hardener and thinner, we spent about $75 for the paint job. This truck will not be a "show" truck. We will use it "like an ole truck" (well .... short of hauling pig manure around in it).  So I wasn't concerned about spending lots on paint.  I believe the industrial paint will be durable, which was my main concern.

          I originally wanted to paint the truck in somewhat "subdued" colors to give more of the appearance of "an ole truck."  But ... I was talked into a red truck.  After looking over the paints, I decided on International Harvester Red ... trying to steer clear of any orange undertones.  At Tractor Supply, they actually opened cans of the different reds for me to choose the red I was most looking for.  For the roof and front grille area, I choose a beige "Heston White."  (International Harvestor White also works since it is such a close match to the Heston, I could see no difference).  I wanted to tone down the color a notch and not go with a stark white.

          We still had to buy all new rubber trim for inside the door, get the new windshield in and do something with the wood bed. I was still stumped on what color to go with on the inside, but the non-original aqua green would have to go.  After much thought, we decided sticking with the almond color of the cab would look the best.

          Since we changed the rims out, we will only use a GMC hubcap on the spare.  (Bev, you have to tell us where you found that COOL hubcap!! ~~ Asst. Editor)

          Just under a year later, a LOT of work and kicking out some mice, we drove the truck out of the (very red) garage!!

          The new door / window seals are in and although we had trouble with the tight fit of the doors, we are hoping if given a couple of weeks to adjust, they will be great. The new seals should make a huge difference with cab noise.

          We actually took it around the block for a drive. It's been 25 years since I've driven a stick on the column and no power steering, so I'm a bit rusty. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it in time. The engine seems to run good and that is a huge plus.  After the oil change, we still think we may have a lifter that needs some care.  We're hoping the engine will last a long time.

          Just small things left now to do -- outside mirror, perhaps a little engine work. The bed of the truck needs to be cleaned and the wood protected. But we can take her out on the road now.

          It's been a lot of work but well worth it. I hope to add some pictures out on the road and camping in the future.

          We are both really happy with the results.  My web page has the entire story on it.  Stop by and check it out!

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