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1960 Chevrolet Apache 30 1-Ton Panel

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26 April 2005

From Rich: 

      Howdy! Thanks for a grrreat website!

      Truck: 1960 Chevrolet Apache 30, 1 ton, Panel, 235-ci 6-cyl, 4-speed manual, 96,000 original mile.

      My grandfather purchased the Apache from his boss of the floor covering business he worked for in North Branford, CT. He later retired to Maine and used the ol' bird to power his sawmill. The engine spun a bearing and other means of running the saw were provide.

      I have vivid memories of playing in the drivers seat when I was little. Now, 25 years later, he wants it gone. But I couldn't see that happening. So, since July 2004, I've decided to make it my priority.

      If you're wondering how the truck could've powered a mill, let me explain: the rear axle was blocked up, with one wheel against another wheel of a separate, secondary axle (locked differential). That secondary axle straddled the wall of the mill building. A belt connected the other end of the secondary axle with the axle of the saw. My grandpa ran throttle linkage from the carb, through the building's wall in the form of a string, with a scrap piece of metal hanging down in front of him at the mill's controls.

      Besides my own two feet, if there's anything Iím sure about in this crazy world, its the reincarnation of that metal heap. I'm psyched, and cant wait to start into it! I've been casually chasing parts online, finding sites such as this for inspiration, help, and general info. Speaking of which, thank you "Piewagon" and Mr. Littman to name a couple.

      So far the only real progress was popping out the hood and roof dents. The truck sat under the eve of our barn for the entire 25 years in Maine - ie; glaciers. My Apache will need lots of rear-end body work so that was a good tip from "Jim "Piewagn" Sgrignioli." As well, Littman brought to my attention why my old panel is missing a passenger seat as well.

      That's me in the picture in the driver's seat. I tried ignoring the chain up front ... felt like I was actually cruising the strip, at least for a short moment.

      Someday ...

Rich Berry
Embden, Maine

      What a happy face! Good to see it ... this Bolter's got it! ~~ Editor

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