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A Cool Old Truck

Jim Benjaminson's

1932 Chevrolet BB Closed Cab

3 September 04

From Jim:

         Just discovered The Stovebolt Page and decided to submit a photo of my "rare" 1932 Chevrolet series BB closed cab truck. I call it rare, because in the 40-plus years I've owned it, I've never seen another '32 pickup "in the metal" -- although I do have photos of various ones from around the country.

         I don't know much of the trucks early history. I do know that it came into North Dakota in 1936. I know of three previous owners, the last being my aunt and her husband who purchased it along with a business after World War II. As far as I can tell, it was last licensed in 1952, then was pushed into a tree grove. My aunt gave it to me when I was a freshman in high school. Because the wood was badly rotted, I soon parked it in favor of other, better "old" cars.

         In 1987 I happened to meet Robert Hensel (Chevy Acres) of Brillion, Wisconsin. He was kind enough to send me two factory 8x10 photos of the 1932 Chevrolet pickup, along with copies of various sales, data and body builders literature which prompted my desire to finally see the truck restored. Restoration began in 1990 when a local cabinet maker agreed to make the wood. While that was being done, another friend who has a country repair shop, dug into the mechanicals of the truck. After 7 years and many $$$$, the truck was completed as you see it here (above).

         Although the original color was Blue Bell Blue, I opted for my own "fleet color" of red with black fenders and yellow wheels. My aunt, who had given the truck to me many years ago, knew it was being restored but unfortunately did not live to see the finished product. Always frugal with a dollar, she would disown me if she knew how much was spent on the restoration!

         The truck was photographed by Mike Mueller in October of 2000 and is featured in his "Chevrolet Pickups" book on pages 34, 36 and 37.

         Sometime in the future, I'll share more photos of other 1930-33 Chevrolet pickups I've seen over the years.

Jim Benjaminson
Walhalla, North Dakota

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