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Cool Old Truck

Steve Benesch's

1955 First Series GMC 250

1-Ton Panel

5 February 03

From Steve

I have always loved panel trucks, so when a friend told me he knew of one for sale I grabbed my coat and said, "Let's go." It was inside a huge warehouse/machine shop and had three motorcycle frames in the back. To say it was rough is an understatement. There wasn't a straight or rust-free piece of sheet metal on it, broken glass in the doors, barely enough wiring to run the engine, no seats. It was perfect.

I called the Bank of Mom to secure a loan and was turned down flat (she had, after all, just paid a major university to babysit me for four years).  I found out a week later that it had been sold.  I was in a bad mood for a week after that, but I got over it.

About three weeks later, on my birthday, I found out my mother was the one who bought the truck.  Talk about an awesome present!  The 248 ran beautifully and it drove ok, but it needed tons of work.  Unfortunately, I lived in an apartment and couldn't go after it the way I wanted to.  It sat outside (dying of cancer) for five years, although it did get new brake and electrical systems during that time.

Then one of my crazier friends offered his shop and assistance (thank you, George).  He didn't have to ask twice.  In the past year we have taken everything apart, replaced what didn't work, upgraded what didn't show, and put it back on the road.  Sure, it's dented up and brush painted, but when we show up at the hardware store in a 7 foot tall, 19.5 foot long panel truck everyone just grins (and I never worry about scratching the paint).  In smiles per mile, this truck is tops!

George's shop is full of project cars, and I've agreed to help him in his restorations (again, he didn't have to ask twice).  Since my rig is the newest, it's now the "shop truck" and is driven daily, rain or shine.

See you at the boneyard!

Steve Benesch

1955 1st series GMC 250 Panel

P.S. The photos of the truck as I first got it haven't been scanned yet. These were all taken at George's after we began tearing it down.


Curator "Steve, great story!  Thanks for your submission and keeping a cool old truck rumbling around the streets of Seattle!"

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