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Cool Old Truck

Ron Bender's


1-1/2 Ton Flatbed

March  04 

From Ron

My Name is Ron Bender (sixwheeler) I recently acquired a 1940 one and a half ton Chevy truck. I saw it on e-bay but didn't win the bid. No one did so I contacted the owner and did a finagle and now the truck is mine.  

All the paper work says 1938 but after some research (asking you guys), I have pretty well determined that the truck is a 1940.  I have discovered that the truck started life as a Sealand Fire truck. 

The Sealand logos are still attached to the cowl. Sealand was a Bridgeport Ct Fire Truck Company that was in business from 1914-1940.  The base of the pump still resides between the rails. Removal of the original body looks to have been done by barbarian with a saws-all! 






The former owners called my truck Mabel and had vanity plates made so. Who am I to buck tradition I'll call it Mabel too. The truck is very complete and I can't wait to drive it. Hopefully I will be updating these pictures from time to time and its nice to have a place to ask those thorny "Now what Questions?" 


Curator "Ron - Nice looking old '40.  Keep us posted on the progress!"

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