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Cool Old Truck

Craig Bell's

1953 Chevrolet 3100 5-Window

9 November 02  

From Craig

Hi, Thought I would send you a couple of pics of my 3100. This truck was purchased new by my father-in-law in Pasadena, CA. It was used until 1982 as his third vehicle for towing his trailer, fishing trips and family vacations.

He pulled the original 216 out sometime around 1972 and installed a 236 from a 1956 second series. He said he was looking for oil pressure. He continued to use the truck until 1982 when it began to smoke. He planned to restore the old truck, but we know how that goes. The truck sat next to the garage with one window missing until Christmas of 2000 when he asked me to take it home and "fix it up".

Well that fix it up took the better part of 18 months! The truck has about 800 miles on it now and is wonderful to drive. The drivetrain is the 235 with the original Torq-Tube and rear end. I completely rebuilt all of the mechanical as well as electrical items myself. I did put single leafs in the front with 2" lowering blocks in the rear with 15" rims, just to give it a sense of hot rod, other than that the truck is mostly stock.

When I finally fired it up my wife came running out to the driveway and jumped in the truck, she sat there for a moment looking at me and then she started to cry. I asked here why she was crying and she said, this truck smells just like my dad, thanks for fixing it up for me.

Thanks for the great web site, feel free to post any of these pictures if you like.

Craig Bell

Curator "Craig, thanks for the submission - feel free to send in some before pics too!"

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