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AD Chevy Trucks

Chevy trucks

Over 6,000 pictures
Brad Allen has an awesome collection of Chevrolet factory pictures that he has set up from film strips.

This one is on AD Chevy trucks (1947-1955).

Lots of work on Brad's part ... pure enjoyment for you.

See more 1947-1955 Trucks

The Advance Design Trucks


04 February 2013
# 3007

  Owned by
Jeanie Beline
Bolter # 23528


1953 Chevy 3600

"Chevy Chase"


More pictures of my old truck

Join the discussion about this truck in the DITY Gallery


From Jeanie :

This is my new "old" Chevy 3600. I have always dreamed of owning one of these vintage trucks and that dream came true for me in this New Year!

My first husband owned a 1957 Chevy named "Old Blue" and I loved driving that truck. Unfortunately, Old Blue left with my first husband (Boy, how I miss that truck ) and now every time I pass one, I long for it. I always have said, "I will own one of those again."

I have always loved vintage items -- which includes vehicles. I have always been able to recognize the year and type of automobiles from the time I was a small child and later I fell in love with an MG from the movie "Love Story" where the main actors had a red TD. That gave me the vintage car "bug."

Ironically several weeks later, my Dad happened upon a couple who were on the side of the road with a broken down red 1955 MG TF 1500. It was older, rough shape but good bones as we say. There we some minor issues with clutch. My Dad offered to give them a tow home and found out it was going in the newspaper for sale the next day … for $2,000 (this was in 1970). So I had to get a loan (my Dad co-signed) and the owner held it for us for doing him the favor. I bought it sight unseen -- I just had to have it. I drove it as my only car for several years before taking her apart and sandblasting and helping to restore her (with help of MG club members). It took 12 years total to get her restored and I have enjoyed her since -- for over 40 years now. Now it was time for a truck!

This time around, I didn't want to have to restore my ride -- I know how much work that is! I put my search for a vintage truck in high gear as I lost my wonderful Dad this past May. I couldn't sell Josephine while Dad was alive as he loved her so much. Daddy wasn’t mechanically inclined -- he just appreciated the beauty of the vintage vehicles. Since he was the reason I found my MG, it was such a tie to him, I could never sell her while he was alive.  I am sure he would approve of selling her now that I have Chase as he didn’t want her to stay hidden away in the garage either.

So with my search Initially, all I seemed to find were rust buckets until I found this 1953 3600 on Craigslist several weeks ago here in Central Florida. It was already restored -- no rust -- and beautiful.

Being a Chevy, the name Chase just came to me as it just seemed to go together (plus I do like the actor). To me, the truck seems more male than female.

  What else do you do for fun?

I am a self taught artist of wildlife / animals. My latest passion is to depict marine wildlife on hand made boxes made from salvaged wood  (made by another artist friend). I hand draw, wood burn, and paint highlight subjects. Some custom for a few collectors and people’s pets. I offer any of them on tile boxes with four matching tumbled marbled coasters.

I started out many years ago doing artwork on Scratchboard where I “etch” out each piece of fur / feather in reverse thus the “Wildlife From Scratch” name of my little business.

My husband is also an artist – he is a Taxidermist and has been for over 35 years -- Drew’s Taxidermy. Lately, he specializes in alligator mounts.

Chase was parked on a small car lot. Because the title was “open,” I had the prior owner’s name and info. He was local (central Florida) so, of course, I called him. He had only owned the truck for about three years. He purchased him off of the internet from a car lot in a small town near Chicago where they specialize in vintage trucks and cars and had him shipped down here. Apparently, the truck was already mostly restored when this owner purchased him. He drove the truck mostly on Sunday’s to Church. He said the only thing he had issues with were the carburetor and adding brake fluid. (I have already had to have the Master Cylinder replaced and a new carburetor … so hopefully this will take care of those issues.)

I am thinking about calling that car lot to find out more of the history if they know but I like to think he was rescued from a local farm and someone lovingly restored him.  This local owner ran into some financial difficulties recently and had to sell him. He said he was glad the truck went to someone who appreciates them and he will be proud owner of another one in the near future he was sure.

The interior is very finished. It's missing a radio and the heater isn’t hooked up. The last owner said the AC worked best around 55 MPH with the vents turned inward. 

I was a little disappointed that I seemed to forget about the "granny gears" in the old vintage trucks. That is one of the things I didn't like about Josephine. Her first gear could "pull stumps" as they say. But in all the years, I never changed out her gearing as I guess I am a traditionalist and wanted to keep her original. I just got used to letting all the people pass me on t he highways.

So after "talking" to the guys on Stovebolt, and realizing all of the issues it may cause to change out the gearing (which leads to other changes needed like brakes, suspension, etc. ), I decided I will be right at home with Chase with his original granny gears -- starting out in second gear as I always did with the MG.

I got into restoration out of need. When my MG was parked in front of my home one day, a guy with an old big Buick rear ended the MG – knocked her into my husband’s Bug-eyed Sprite and then backed over our mailbox. Because I needed to replace the rear fender, I decided it was time to take her apart and restore her. I didn’t know how so I joined the local vintage MG Club and the members helped me learn and restored her along with me. I couldn’t afford to send her out to have her restored.  That is why it took so long. I carried her around in pieces for many years before I finally found the MG people. 

Back roads will be his story as well. I will still stay a member of my MG club and bring up the rear of our events caravaning along with the 1950's MGs and my friends. I am in the process of making new friends here in Central Florida with the Stovebolters here.

I look forward to many more years of learning about him and having weekend cruises to events along with others who have also been bitten by these surviving vintage works of art. I also know having two "toys" isn't practical. Letting these vehicles sit too long isn't good for them so I will be fair and let Josephine go to another good home to be loved and appreciated as I have all these years. She is too pretty to be locked in a garage most of the time. If you know of anyone who would appreciate a wonderful little red MG, send them my way.

Thanks to all of you Stovebolters who have already patiently helped me out with all my questions. I have already learned a lot and hope to continue to learn and meet more of you -- online and in person. I plan to stay around for great camaraderie and advice.


Keep track of Chevy Chase's restoration project details in the DITY Gallery thread and check for new photos to the Photobucket album. Any and all questions welcome! If you post those comments in the forum, others can share in the discussion. Thanks ~ Editor


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