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A Cool Old Truck

Bob Becker's

1939 1/2-Ton Pickup

  I am a proud new owner of a '39 Chevrolet 1/2 ton. The last owner had it for 17 years after pulling it out of a field in West Texas. It is an older restoration and in need of many things but it runs well and the body is in decent shape too. I won't be doing anything as ambitious as a ground up restoration (Besides, I enjoy driving it too much to dismantle it and stick it in boxes). But, I may have a few 1000 questions along the way to pester old hands like yourself.

  I've never owned anything this old before and the day I drove it home (25 miles), I felt as if I were taking someone's grandpa home to live with us. Even if I am no supreme high authority on old Chevy's and haven't turned a wrench in a while, I am having fun and learning to appreciate the simplicity and durability of this old farm truck.

  The drivetrain is all original (minus the babbitting). The hood sides seem to open only when they want to. I'm looking for a windshield crank handle due to the 95 - 1 00 degree weather we've been having . Thanks for being willing to share your knowledge and interest.


     Sorry, that nasty old cherry tree got in the way of the truck. Just got some new brakes for it (the truck that is, there's no stopping the cherry tree), put in a new floorboard and some used but nice gauges in the dash and have some taillights on order. The existing taillight appears to come from a '54 Chev! Next plan is to convert to 12 volt while replacing the wiring harness. About the only other major modification in the works would be a 235 under the hood but not in the very near future. The little 216 is still cranking along.

Nice day,

Bob Becker
Los Lunas, New Mexico

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