Bill Beasley's

1951 Chevy 5-window

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19 June 2006
# 1572

From Bill:

           I wanted to submit my newly purchased '51 five window to your Gallery. This is how the story goes.

           I had been looking for about a year and a half for an old Chevy, between '48-'54 and a five window. I just loved the style of that truck. I had to deploy to the desert in November 2005 as a part of the very first Navy helicopter squadron to perform an Army MEDEVAC mission -- but that is another story.

           Anyway, I deployed and my wife supported me in finding my "dream truck" while on my off time. This included lots of emailing and web surfing when the signals permitted. Big props go to the web site I found this truck on -- "Old Chevy Truck . com." I found this beauty in Michigan. It originally came from Missouri and now resides in Florida. I emailed my wife, and she emailed the seller. We all exchanged pictures of the truck, which my wife bought and had it delivered a couple of months before I returned. My hope is to be a Bolter for a long time to come.

           It is a '51 with a 283 V8 with the original transmission and suspension. As I understand, it is a late '70's - early '80's hotrod built by father and son. It's a great running truck, and I drive it daily back and forth to work. I plan on updating the driveline but hope to keep it as original on the exterior as possible.

           More pictures to come as I progress, and many thanks to those Bolters on your web site that helped me decide that this truck was the right one for me.

Bill, Elise and Lily Beasley
Bolter # 10855
Jacksonville, Florida

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