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A Cool Old Truck

Joel Baumbaugh's

1950 3/4-Ton Pickup

From: Joel,

     Here is my 1950 3/4-ton (factory rated 1 ton on a 3/4 frame) truck. My daughter has named it the "beast". It came with two fuel tanks. I upgraded the engine from the original 216 to a '62 235. I have purchased a GMC "302" cubic inch to bolt in for a little more grunt. I have (36x12.5x16.5) tires on the back (6" Chevy rims) so that I can cruse the freeway at 65 mph at 2800 RPM. It has a saginaw 4 speed transmission out of a 69 Chevy and a 1 piece drive shaft. With 867,000 on the truck it still has the original (untouched) differential in it. I am third owner. My brother had it >20 years and knew the original owner for years (which is why I am sure of the milage).

     So far, I have spent about $3,500 (not counting the new engine) having done most of the work (except the paint and upholstery) myself.


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