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01 September 2014
# 1323 and # 1324 and #1627 and # 3084

1958 Chevy Trifecta - Stepside, Fleetside and Cameo

More pictures of

The Fleetside : : The Cameo : : The Apache Stepside

Change out:

  Owned by
Pete Baublet
Bolter # 9218

1958 Chevy Fleetside Short Bed Custom Cab


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From Pete :

After eight years and very little time to work on my 1958 Fleetside short 283 v8 (see the very first story below), I realized I am a better maintainer than restorer.

So I sold the '58 short custom cap Fleetside when I found a great deal on a mildly resto-mod Fleetside Short Bed Apache. The truck was listed on eBay and was located in Alabama. We took my trailer and made the 10 hour trip to go pick her up just north of Mobile.

The fellow who bought my old '58 Fleetside is a local guy, about 35 years old and a FORD man! He has a Mustang and a Fairlane but he wanted this truck!

Cosmetically, my "new" Fleetside is a 7 or 8 out of 10! It has just the look I wanted.

The previous owner had sub-framed it with a '72 Camaro front clip, a nine inch Ford rearend 350 with 350 tranny. The wheel wells have be tubed and it's been lowered. I think this truck may have been built from several trucks (it came from a shop ... a bunch of parts put together with various vin numbers!). It has Flowmaster mufflers. It has a perfect lowered stance. It is easy to cruise!

My Trifecta collection of 1958 Chevy trucks remains intact: a Cameo, a Stepside, and the new Fleetside.


21 August 2006
# 1323 and # 1324 and #1627

From Pete:

Hey fellow Stovebolters!  I finally completed my tri-fecta!  I recently found and purchased this 1958 Cameo with factory air conditioning and a nice rumored story that I have yet to get confirmed.  The previous owner passed on the story that this truck's original owner was Roy Rogers.  The truck was built in Los Angeles but even if the story can't be confirmed,  I am ecstatic since I now own all three models from 1958. (My '58 Fleetside and Stepside were the first two).

Now I own the crown jewel -- the elusive '58 Cameo, only 1405 built. 

Gotta love these trucks! 


16 December 2005
# 1323 and # 1324

From Pete:

Hi. Love the site. Good day to all of you Stovebolters out there.

This is a picture my 1958 Chevy Stepside. My birth year is 1958 and I always wanted an Apache. Three years ago after sending my youngest to college, I convinced my wife that I could no longer live without one.

After shopping the internet and magazines for a year, I found this fully restored stock Stepside in New Mexico -- about 12 hours away. Over the phone, I visited with the older gentleman who had if for sale. And then sent him the money -- sight unseen.

The previous owner had the truck from 1962 until 2002. He had started his radiator business in 1962 with this truck but it had been parked since '72. It was restored by a Clovis, NM shop in 1998.

The gentleman discovered that at 80 years old, he could no longer drive without power steering and decided to sell it to me. He teared up as I drove off with it on the trailer. I assured him I would not sell it as it was a dream of mine to own a '58.

I got the bug and have subsequently purchased this '58 big window Fleetside (here on the right) with all the trim and a 283 engine. It, like my Stepside, had started it's life as a radiator shop truck. How could I resist?

I will need to totally restore this one over time. Looking forward to ya'll advice.


Pete Baublet



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