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Cool Old Truck

Scott Barbeau's

1972 Chevrolet 1/2-Ton

21 December 00 Update

From Scott,

I have been in contact with a suprising number of people that have wanted to do something like this themselves. I hope to also do another stretch within the next couple of years if time and finances permit it, a 4 door would be fun to try.

I own a '72 1/2 ton that I spent last summer stretching to make an extra-cab pickup that seats 6. It was quite the challenging project but very rewarding. It even has a third door on the passenger side (suicide style) for better access This was also my first experience at major bodywork. Cab and frame are lengthened 27-3/4 inches, third door on passenger side opens suicide style (both doors shut together),& oak door panels and headliner. All work except driveline, passenger windows, and arc welding of the frame(never learned hot to stick weld) was done by me.

Less than $3000 was spent to do this. I would be happy to answer any questions by e-mail.

Scott Barbeau

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